Terms and Conditions for registration of a corporate account
  1. HSMC Job Portal reserves the right to accept or reject any organisation's registration and the right to accept, reject or remove any job information provided via the Job Portal System.
  2. Upon registration, a verification would be exercised and registrant will be informed of the verification result by an email from the office.
  3. Job posting service is only provided to the successfully registered employers for internal recruitment purposes. We are unable to accommodate requests from employment agencies and direct sales distributors, or employers with job vacancies which are not relevant to the academic profile of HSMC students.
  4. HSMC Job Portal should not be used for any marketing or promotional activities or in any manner in which fees are levied or profits are made.
  5. The College will not disclose the information of individual companies to other companies, and will only use the job information provided via the System for institutional planning and statistical purposes.
  6. HSMC Job Portal reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time. Access to the System will be denied if any of the terms and conditions is violated.