HKSAR Civil Service Bureau Post-secondary Student Summer Internship Programme 2019
The Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme, provides internship opportunities for students who are permanent HKSAR residents and enrolled in full-time accredited post-secondary programmes locally and overseas to work in different departments of HKSAR government while summer holiday. 
Application Method:
- Check with the job requirements and Univetrsity Deadline of the job vacancies in the below tables
- Download the standard Application Form at HERE and complete the form in BLOCK LETTER with black ink.
- Submit ALL the following documents at HERE before the University deadline.
1. Signed Application Form (Save with "series no_your name_app form" e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_app form)
2. CV (Save with "series no_your name_CV" e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_CV)
3. Cover Letter (Save with "series no_your name_Cover Letter" e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_Cover Letter)
4. HKDSE Certificate (Save with "series no_your name_DSE Cert" e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_DSE Cert)
5. HSU Latest Transcript with CGPA (Save with "series no_your name_CGPA" e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_CGPA)
* Please pay special attention to the Application Method and the required documents of the corresponding vacancies as there may be some variations.
** Applicants who have not received nomination email from the SAO Career Planning & Development two weeks after the University deadline may consider their applications as unsuccessful.
Applicants please follow the University Deadline instead of the official deadline posted on the Civil Service Bureau website. All applications must be submitted to the SAO while direct application to the corresponding Bureau/Department will not be accepted.