Search Jobs, Internships and Campus Work

HSMC-JINESS platform connects our students and graduates with wide array of job opportunities, including:

  • Graduate employment vacancies
  • Internships
  • Campus work
  • Part-time jobs


Here are some additional functions which you can have:

  • job-matching function by establishing profiles with your experiences and skills
  • enhanced effectiveness by making your profiles searchable by employers
  • upload document for job application
  • employment information, events and tips

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Joint-Institution Network for Student Success (JINESS) aims to develop a “one-stop shop” by way of a platform for both students and employers in offering solutions to searching career opportunities and recruiting talents respectively. JINESS exposes students of self-financing institutions to broadening career and experiential learning opportunities; develop their potentials to the fullest; and prepare them for challenges in life.


Terms and conditions for job seekers