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Latest News: Kick-off Ceremony of Careers Mentorship Programme 2014-2015


Hang Seng Management College

Careers Mentorship Programme 2014/15


Careers Mentorship Programme of Hang Seng Management College (HSMC) is organised by the Student Affairs Office (Career Planning and Development). The Programme provides an invaluable opportunity for HSMC students to progress towards their career goals, enlarge their network and, ultimately, enhance their employability. Besides, Mentors have a chance to reflect upon their own career journey and contribute immensely to a less-experienced individual’s personal development.

The Programme has been well received by students and supported by many business professionals in fields ranging from accounting, banking and finance, consultancy, government and legal, human resources to marketing and PR.



The Careers Mentorship Programme provides students with opportunities to gain:

  • advice in their transition from college to employment;
  • assistance in developing career goals;
  • networking opportunities with industry players;
  • enhancement of employability;
  • a chance to foster their career and personal development.
Each mentor will be assigned with one to two mentees based on mentors’ suggested criteria and mentees’ areas of interest. During the Programme, Mentors and Mentees are advised to meet face-to-face once a semester at least and communicate regularly to share views and experiences. 

Role of Mentors

Mentors can serve as a role model, an advisor or a companion to support mentees’ career and inter-personal development. It is essential to have mutual respect in order to establish a good and long-lasting mentoring relationship. It is helpful to set aside the goals with one another clearly from the beginning.

  • Meet face-to face with mentee once a semester at least
  • Attend mentoring events organised by Student Affairs Office (Career Planning and Development)
  • Share feedback to mentees'on their job hunting and interview skills
  • Give career guidance based on personal experiences
  • Provide job shadowing or firm visit opportunity if feasible


Support from Careers Office

Aside from individual gatherings hosted by mentors/ mentees, the Student Affairs Office (Career Planning and Development) will endeavour to organise activities to facilitate mentors and mentees to gather and communicate

  • Kick-off Ceremony scheduled in November
  • Christmas / Chinese New Year / End of Semester Gathering
  • Closing Ceremony


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  • Professionals or executives with around 5-year working experience or above
  • Availability to meet and provide support to mentees

We look forward to your support. If you would like to contribute by joining the Careers Mentorship Programme as a mentor, please contact Ms Mavis Lam, Senior Careers Officer (Tel: 3963-5152; Email: