"Inspire the Next Generation of YouTube Talent" - Workshop and career sharing session on 24 Nov

Dear students,


Google is going to host a workshop & career sharing session with the topic "Inspire the Next Generation of YouTube Talent".


Interested students please refer to below info for details and make your registration soon!

Event Date
Nov 24th,2018 (Saturday)
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Event Location
VTC Hong Kong Design Institute 
    (Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station, Exit A2)

What's the talk about?

  • Share YouTube ecosystem & landscape
  • How videos winning audiences' attention & YouTube Ad 101
  • How to be a YouTube Creator? Tips & free tools
  • Ask whatever you want to know about being a Googler and/ or YouTube Creator 

How can I get the ticket?

  1. Sign up a free account:
    English Versionhttp://bit.ly/2OtR4QR  
  2. Obtain 5 badges
  3. Upload your badges to here before Nov 21
  4. Receive a ticket via email 
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