Cyberport GD - HK YEP 2018 - 數碼港粵港青年創業計劃2018 創業營

Dear students, 


If you are looking for mentoring and funding support to turn your business ideas into a real start-up, you should not miss the Cyberport GD-HK YEP 2018. 


Supported by the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF), shortlisted participants will be invited to a 3-day interactive entrepreneurship boot camp in Nov 2018 to learn entrepreneurship key elements from inspiring idea, market landscape assessment, project proposition, prototype development to the Entrepreneurship's Business Canvas Model. During the camp, they could meet potential teammates for team formation and idea inspiration. Hong Kong and Guangdong jointteams will submit their ideas to compete for HK$100,000 cash grant to turn their ideas into prototypes for proof of concept in a 6-month project period.


Application deadline is on  2 November 2018!


Remarks: Note: The programme is conducted in Chinese. Marketing materials will be available in Chinese only.



·  擁有非凡創意卻缺乏資金去開發產品及服務?   想建立團隊去發展計劃?

· 想參加創業培訓激發靈感、學習市場定位及驗證的技巧、開發產品雛型與演示你的計劃?


「數碼港粵港青年創業計劃」2018申請(按此)截止日期為2018年11月2日,把握機會與同學、朋友一同參與創業營,創業導師和多個企業及初創創始人講解金融科技、虛擬實境/擴增實境技術及應用、 大數據、 機器學習及人工智能技術、區塊鏈、物聯網、電商、 教育科技、醫療科技及其他不同行業的應用及創新專題。更可與來自香港和廣東地區的青年建立合作關係,有機會獲得總值港幣100萬創業基金,印證你的原創概念及開發產品雛型。


查詢:  Ms Cherry Chan ( / 3166 3901)。


Note: The programme is conducted in Chinese. Marketing materials and the below message will be available in Chinese only. Programme introduction in English is at Cyberport website.


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