Event Snapshots and Sharing from Mentors and Mentees

Mentor: Mr. Peter Jung
(Executive Director of Milton Exhibits Group)

“The Career Mentorship Programme is a very meaningful programme and I am glad to be part of it. I am delighted to experience the journey with my mentees. We were able to learn and motivate each other through different activities, networking events or simply a night out for a sumptuous French cuisine prepared by one my best ex-employees who decided to flourish as a chef than a creative designer.

I truly think that I have benefited greatly through understanding the thinking and beliefs of Hong Kong’s new generation. This not only helps greatly on how I manage my company’s new recruits from the annually organized Management Graduate Trainee Programme, but also gives me new wisdom on how to nurture my own 14 year old boy.

As a keen runner, I am also pleased to learn that my mentees have started to pick up running as a sport, adhering to my belief of work-life-health balance. I am pleased that my “lecturing” have proved to be effective and has made a positive difference to them.”

Mentees: Kay Tam and Janet Yick
(BJC Year 3 students)

“We are truly grateful to take part in the Careers Mentorship Programme. Peter, our mentor, offered us precious chances to assist in different events, social platform and formal or informal meetings. We were inspired by meet people from all walks for life and learnt much social skills not only on words but also practice.

Peter always shared his experience and opinion which are very enlightening. He shared important skills on communications and gave advices on polishing our competitive power as well as setting careers goals

Don’t hesitate to join the Careers Mentorship Programme. We are sure that you and your mentor will be your great friends and adviser!”