Careers Fair 2017 - Notes for Students
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The Careers Fair is an occasion for you to:

  • Meet and mingle with a variety of prospective employers.
  • Explore additional information that will help you to determine your future career.


Before the Fair

  • Do some researches on exhibitors. The exhibitor list and the job openings could be obtained from this website; you may also visit the organization’s own website to find out more about them. 
  • Prepare some questions and ask exhibitors, try to avoid asking those could be easily obtained from website or job description. 
  • Update your CV for onsite applications. 


During the Fair 

  • Bring enough copies of your application letter and CV for on-site applications and interviews. 
  • Dress up formally, at least smart casual, to project a professional image. Avoid wearing shorts and sandals.
  • You are encouraged to talk to exhibitors instead of just picking up brochures and go away. Have proper eye contact and smile, ask questions you have prepared. Exhibitors may invite you for an onsite interview if they consider you as a suitable candidate. Therefore be active to talk! 
  • Do not just consider your own preferred exhibitors. Be open-minded and consider other organizations at the fair. They may be offering some opportunities that you are interested in. 
  • Be polite and humble at all time, look at the exhibitors’ name badge and remember their names and thank the person you have spoken with.


After the Fair 

  • If you are given a business card, write a short thank you email to the exhibitors afterwards, thank them for their time and consideration if you have applied for their positions.